Space Flight Solutions

The Challenge

Solar system exploration is a high-risk endeavor that has proven to deliver high rewards in terms of direct benefits to mankind, increased knowledge of our environment and universe, and an elevation of the human spirit. Great amounts of time and effort are devoted to the planning for and selection and design of exploration missions in order to reduce the risk and cost of the missions so that the most can be accomplished within the budget that is available. A fundamental element of the planning and design phase is the mission analysis and optimization activity within which we survey prospective mission candidates, select the few that offer the potential of achieving scientific and exploration goals of highest priority, and define how best to accomplish those missions at the most favorable cost/risk ratio.

The analysis and optimization of solar system exploration missions has long been recognized to present difficult problems requiring highly sophisticated software solutions. SpaceFlightSolutions’ personnel have supported the space exploration community for five decades, providing highly advanced levels of expertise and software capabilities for solar system mission analysis. The company currently offers some of the most advanced mission analysis/trajectory optimization software presently available for commercial use.

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