General Overview

Moon The Mission Analysis Environment (MAnE tm), Version 3.5, is a system of software tools, seamlessly integrated within a graphical user interface, to support the analysis and optimization of multiple leg, heliocentric missions which employ conventional, high-thrust propulsion. Full optimization of missions with up to ten distinct legs is supported.

Starting in 1992 following the Space Exploration Initiative, MAnE was developed to address the general absence of readily available, validated, documented and supported mission analysis tools within the industry. The objective was to introduce modern software design and presentation methodologies into the product to improve maintainability and usability and to give highest priority to program integrity. This latest version, which was released in December 2010, continues the evolution and upgrading of the product.

MAnE is now a well recognized tool in the US space exploration program. It has been used as a primary mission design program for the funded discovery programs NEAR, Contour, and MESSENGER and for the New Frontiers program New Horizons. It has also been used to design numerous missions for other Discovery and New Frontiers proposals.