About Us

SpaceFlightSolutions specializes in the analysis, design and optimization of mission trajectories for the exploration of our solar system. Our work begins with the development of the number-crunching software that accomplishes the mind boggling, iterative computations that are impossible to do manually.

We also develop the software, known as the graphical user interface or GUI, that organizes the display of information that is input to and output from the analysis software and provides immediate access to several supporting tools typically used in an analysis. And, we provide analysis and training services that build upon our five decades of involvement and experience in the subject area. Our focus is the development of intuitive, comprehensive, proven and documented tools that others with appropriate training and experience can use productively with confidence.

Our Objective

Our objective is to provide information, education, software tools and services to the space exploration community, specifically in the area of mission analysis and trajectory optimization. If this sounds arcane, you may have gotten here accidentally, but we invite you to stay and learn a little about this exciting realm of space exploration.

Our Software

Our software have been developed over a period of five decades and are geared to the early stages of mission studies during which one identifies mission opportunities, defines performance requirements, determines launch and space vehicle sizes, supports subsystem analyses, and performs wide-ranging sensitivity analyses and trade off studies. It is from the results of such studies that candidate missions are selected for funding.

SpaceFlightSolutions offers software solutions and services for both conventional (high-thrust) and electric (low-thrust) propulsion missions. The software solutions support the most sophisticated of mission designs, including multi-leg, multi-target missions with a variety of encounter models, such as swingbys, stopovers, and rendezvous. They include ephemerides of over 750,000 solar system bodies that may be instantly assigned as targets of a mission. They also include many support tools, such as porkchop plotting and on-the-fly mission building, that assist an analyst in exploring new mission concepts.

The software environments offered by SpaceFlightSolutions are among the most advanced commercial software products available for preliminary heliocentric mission analysis purposes. And most importantly, they are fully documented and are available under license to anyone, subject to U.S. Export Administration Regulations. The products are not subject to ITAR export restrictions.

We invite you to browse our site for more details, and thank you for visiting.